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Emperor Water Test Package

£29.99 / month

The Emperor Package is our most extensive, and covers a widespread 10 parameters to be tested. This is our  most popular package among those Pro-Reefers, fish shops and breeding programmes. With this subscription you will be able to test for every important parameter in your aquarium and will allow you to keep on top of your system and continuously maintain stable and thriving conditions for all livestock. This test will check everything from Organics to Strontium and Iodine levels.

The 10 Parameters included in this package are:

Salinity – Simply put, it’s a test for how much salt is in the water. More scientifically, it’s the concentration of sodium chloride in the water.
Nitrate – Chemically, it’s described as N03. Easiest to think of as the 3rd stage of waste breakdown. Again, there are bacteria that process (consume) nitrites. During this process, those bacteria give off/create nitrates. Nitrates at high levels, CAN be toxic to the majority of marine life, however, since it’s not nearly as toxic as ammonia or nitrites, nitrates can be present at lower levels, and still support most marine critters. Ideally though, the lower the nitrate levels, the less stressful the environment is for the majority of the critters we want to keep.
Phosphate – Phosphates are another tricky subject. Again, trying to keep it simple for the purposes of this paper, phosphates are fuel for algae. High phosphate values will end up meaning large algae growth. High phosphate content also can impede calcification (skeleton building). Phosphates do not really affect fish and inverts, and are mainly of concern when having problems controlling algae, or getting good coral growth.
PH – The pH value is a measurement of how acidic or base (opposite of acidic) the solution being tested is. Specifically, this is in comparison to pure water (H20), which is neutral, and has a pH of 7.0 (at ~25? C).
Alkalinity – This is simply the measure of the ability of your tank’s water to hold its current pH levels as well as a measure of the amount of calcium carbonate (used in the process of building skeletal mass).
Ca – The amount of Calcium in the water and is used by the animals in the tank mainly to expand their skeletons.
Mg – The amount of magnesium in the water and the higher Magnesium levels can allow more calcification (a.k.a. growth) to occur. However there are side effects for too high or too low levels of Magnesium.
Oxygen – Corals and marine fish require very high levels of oxygen concentration because of the low solubility of oxygen in salt water so it is very important to regularly test the levels and make necessary changes as early on as possible.
Iodine – Iodine is a trace element found as a very small percentage of Seawater. It is used and produced by a variety of critters for a variety of reasons.
Organics – Some organic compounds, such as phenolics/humic acids cannot be removed effectively by skimming, biological filtration or carbon and can have detrimental effects on your water quality. Getting this reading, will allow you to recognise whether a water change is needed and at what volume.

Read more about about these parameters on our Understanding Parameters page and find out why they are important, what levels you should aim for and what the levels mean.



The first monthly subscription water analysis service for marine hobbyists

Unlike any other service on the market today, Water Chemistry offers a monthly subscription that allows you to test your water 4 times per month. Each month you will receive 1 care package which will contain supplies for 4 water samples. Our services include three packages: The Clownfish Package for just the most vital elements test results, the Regal package aimed at the reefers and finally the Emperor Package which is the most advance and wide spread package covering 10 parameters.

Water Chemistry Services in 3 Basic Steps:

1. Receive our box of bottle vials and postal components
2. Post back a bottle vial of water
3. Receive an email of the results within 1-2 working days

Our service will allow your aquarium to thrive, with the benefits of:

1. Knowing when a water change is necessary
2. How little or large the water change needs to be
3. Understanding whether your system requires dosing, and in what measurements
4. Being aware of all your systems elements and what may be lacking
5. Discovering whether anything may be dead within your rock work and releasing ammonia

The monthly subscription is what keeps your account running and us testing samples for you, the payment is not for the sample bottles directly. These supplies are just sent out to you every time you run out and are limited to 4 samples (1 supply pack) per month.
To cancel your subscription you can simply email us on Info.WaterChemistry@gmail.com and let us know that you want to cancel. We will then email you back a cancellation form and get your subscription cancelled right away, as long as it is in accordance to all of our terms.

45 reviews for Emperor Water Test Package

  1. Sophie Griffin

    Used to spend 3 hours every Sunday testing every parameter the sun. Now I just sent off a sample of water each week and I get results back and they are more accurate than I was testing for. 100% recommend

  2. Katie

    Fast and reliable service – I started with clownfish package and moved to emperor after first month. The organics test is really good for knowing when to do water changes. the email is nice and clear too, easy to check and see whats high and low

  3. Daniel Jones

    Never usually leave reviews, but genuinely felt like I had to share my thoughts on this site. Absolutely perfect service, I could not actually ask for more. I have a 13ft system with loads of SPS and tangs thats been running for about 9 years now. I have always dreaded having to go get the test kits out and check the system, but with this site i just pop a sample in the post each time i want to get my water tested and the next day I get a email back with all the parameters and the values my water is at. The price is good too, i will never cancel this subscription, but valued thing ive ever paid for in this hobby.

  4. Rich Diomi

    Well worth the £19.99 a month. Thankful i dont have to mess around with those colour chart test kits again.

  5. Dillon Manter

    used to use triton tests but literally this service is not only more constant and more reliable but also cheaper. proper lovin it atm.

  6. Davie outchea

    this package defo keeps things nice and simple, all i spend money on now is this subscription, food and salt. simple

  7. Ben Stevens

    received 1st care package on monday, and already send back two tests. really quick at getting your results to u. i sent a sample on monday and received my results tuesday at 3pm. really clear and easy to understand whats up and whats down. proper good little find, well happy with this subscription.

  8. Rob Balmoth

    proper lovin this service man. will be a subscriber for as long as i keep my system. Rob

  9. Chris Handall

    received my results again today, just felt like i need to leave a review. i absolutely love this company, they have literally turned a chore into a quick email of the results. will never test my own water again. boy o boy, just wow. thanks water chemistry

  10. Claire Bickley

    Sent in my first water sample yesterday at 5pm and received my results by email 10am this morning. Now you really cannot be that type of service. My results were better than expected too lol 🙂

  11. Barbara winton

    the tanks finally getting back into check. just focusing on strontium and iodine now. Loving the quick results. Much cheaper than the triton ICP tests I was using before

  12. Emma Shortings

    Blood hell, brilliant testing business. Currently, I am sending my results on every Friday and I do my water changes every Thursday. I am trying to keep my Calcium and Magnesium up too so I am dosing 2 days per week. Right now I think I have everything calculated well enough and I have been in the benchmarks during the last 3 tests. So I am really happy about that. Love this method of testing, easy and accurate.

  13. Amber Thompson

    going v well. Happy with service

  14. Thomas Norwage

    Great Price. Great Service. Great Water Quality (recently lol)

  15. jordan hust

    im loving this

    1 word for u, LIT

  16. Kayleigh Shepherd

    I was looking for a service like this for a long time, so glad I signed up.

  17. Lucy Archer

    i have the emperor subscription because i like to make sure my iodine is always 0.06ppm and its hard to test with kits. definitely satisfied with this service so far.

  18. Romaine Philpott

    Love it

  19. jadie leung

    I am disabled so I cannot do my own tests very well without a lot of effort and pain. Using this service makes life much easier for me. I will not be stopping it until I close down my tank. Which I have not planned to do. EVER

  20. trevor

    All good so far,, slowly getting tank back on track after holiday

  21. Jackie

    customer service is spot on and sending samples is easy

  22. keigh

    Good but could do with 6 samples as month instead of 4 as I have 3 tanks. U should add another option for 6 samples.

  23. Paul mckenna

    naughty little service this, keep it up (Y)

  24. Dave Appah


  25. Kofu

    u sign up get a envelope of bottles and stamped bags, take a sample of water and put in the bag then post in letter box. get results back 2 days later. easy as 123. sometimes takes me 2 or 3 days to get my next envelope of bottles tho and this could be sped up for better rating

  26. wes goslin

    my results from today:

    1.025 0 0.2 0.01 0.01 8.2 8.6 440 1232 11.1 411 0 6.7 0.06 LOW

    happy as larry, taken me 3 months to get my levels where i want them

  27. Will B

    my red sea kit was reading 20-35 nitrates and when I got my results back from waterchem it was 62 I was shocked. 4 water changes later its now down sub 10 so im happy. just send off a sample every 2 weeks to make sure nitrate doesn’t pop back up too high

  28. Dillion

    Since I have been monitoring my elements with this my corals are defo looking much better. looking to start growing everything over all LR

  29. Luke Consti

    I would plan for more like 2/3 to get results more than 1/2 days. still quickest on the market by far. been happyt subscriber for like 4 months now

  30. Guy Morris

    All good so far and I have a post box on my road so im absolutely laughing

  31. gaz

    dogs bollocks

  32. Chris bracey

    Great service, immediate turnaround is essential in this hobby when sending away tests ( my triton were taking 2weeks to come back to me). This on average is a 2 dayturnaround. Super service. Keep it up

  33. Dan Evans

    usually good, but my last sample it took 3 days to get my results which is a bit annoying

  34. Ravinder Mahi

    Started with the Clownfish Package when I first started my nano, now as I have added more corals and things I moved up to the Emperor Package. Good, Quick and hassle free way of testing my water

  35. Freddie davies

    couldn’t say a bad thing about the service, could say a bad word about my nitrates tho lol

  36. Ted Batchall

    loving the easy results so far, right now its taking the full 48 hours to get my results back, only now and then I will get them within 24 hours.

  37. colin march

    impressed in the speed of results for sure

  38. Frank Remlin

    Quick, reliable and accurate. Much better than testing myself.

  39. dave pilcher

    this just made my reefkeeping life 10 times easier. no more test kits. FINALLY!

  40. lucy melow

    really happy about this service, ticks all the boxes. the only reason I give 4 stars is because I would like some more parameters tested, but what is tested is accurate.

  41. tim marlowe

    my mate told me about this testing and always raves about it so I gave it a try and its actually fantastic. on the first test I got back I double checked it with an icp test on same day and results are near identical so really happy.

  42. Thomas Mazir

    send off a sample each Monday and get the results by Tuesday or Wednesday so really happy with the speed of it all and simplicity of getting an email to my phone and seeing my results. Would recommend to anyone with a fish tank.

  43. robin marsh

    Nice and easy to use, would however also like information on how to lower my nitrates and phosphates

  44. Karen harper

    A* good solid subscription, worth even just doing it now and then to make sure tank on track

  45. Billy

    didn’t realise how out of range my phosphate salifert kit was. bloody hell salifert was reading under 0.05 and this was coming back at 0.2, I then sent off a icp too and it came back 0.2 phos so defo happy about the service and will just it going forward now for my main source of testing.

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