Emperor Water Test Package – UNLIMITED FOR 1 YEAR

£499.99 / 12 months

The Emperor Package – UNLIMITED is our most extensive, and covers a widespread 10 parameters to be tested. This is our  most popular package among those Pro-Reefers, fish shops and breeding programmes. With this subscription you will be able to test for every important parameter in your aquarium and will allow you to keep on top of your system and continuously maintain stable and thriving conditions for all livestock. This test will check everything from Organics to Iodine levels. With the UNLIMITED addition, you will receive 8 sample bottles initially, and as soon as you have used these up another 8 will be automatically sent back out to you. The UNLIMITED subscription will last for 1 year and you will have no limit to the amount of sample bottles we send out to you and the amount you send us back for testing.

The 10 Parameters included in this package are:

Salinity – Simply put, it’s a test for how much salt is in the water. More scientifically, it’s the concentration of sodium chloride in the water.
Nitrate – Chemically, it’s described as N03. Easiest to think of as the 3rd stage of waste breakdown. Again, there are bacteria that process (consume) nitrites. During this process, those bacteria give off/create nitrates. Nitrates at high levels, CAN be toxic to the majority of marine life, however, since it’s not nearly as toxic as ammonia or nitrites, nitrates can be present at lower levels, and still support most marine critters. Ideally though, the lower the nitrate levels, the less stressful the environment is for the majority of the critters we want to keep.
Phosphate – Phosphates are another tricky subject. Again, trying to keep it simple for the purposes of this paper, phosphates are fuel for algae. High phosphate values will end up meaning large algae growth. High phosphate content also can impede calcification (skeleton building). Phosphates do not really affect fish and inverts, and are mainly of concern when having problems controlling algae, or getting good coral growth.
PH – The pH value is a measurement of how acidic or base (opposite of acidic) the solution being tested is. Specifically, this is in comparison to pure water (H20), which is neutral, and has a pH of 7.0 (at ~25? C).
Alkalinity – This is simply the measure of the ability of your tank’s water to hold its current pH levels as well as a measure of the amount of calcium carbonate (used in the process of building skeletal mass).
Ca – The amount of Calcium in the water and is used by the animals in the tank mainly to expand their skeletons.
Mg – The amount of magnesium in the water and the higher Magnesium levels can allow more calcification (a.k.a. growth) to occur. However there are side effects for too high or too low levels of Magnesium.
Oxygen – Corals and marine fish require very high levels of oxygen concentration because of the low solubility of oxygen in salt water so it is very important to regularly test the levels and make necessary changes as early on as possible.
Iodine – Iodine is a trace element found as a very small percentage of Seawater. It is used and produced by a variety of critters for a variety of reasons.
Organics – Some organic compounds, such as phenolics/humic acids cannot be removed effectively by skimming, biological filtration or carbon and can have detrimental effects on your water quality. Getting this reading, will allow you to recognise whether a water change is needed and at what volume.

Read more about about these parameters on our Understanding Parameters page and find out why they are important, what levels you should aim for and what the levels mean.



The first monthly subscription water analysis service for marine hobbyists

Unlike any other service on the market today, Water Chemistry offers a monthly subscription that allows you to test your water 4 times per month (as many times as you want, on the ‘UNLIMITED’ Package). Each month you will receive 1 care package which will contain supplies for 4 (8 sample bottles will be sent out initially and as soon as you use them up another 8 will automatically be sent out to you again on the ‘UNLIMITED’ Package) water samples. Our services include three packages: The Clownfish Package for just the most vital elements test results, the Regal package aimed at the reefers and finally the Emperor Package which is the most advance and wide spread package covering 10 parameters.

Water Chemistry Services in 3 Basic Steps:

1. Receive our box of bottle vials and postal components
2. Post back a bottle vial of water
3. Receive an email of the results within 1-2 working days

Our service will allow your aquarium to thrive, with the benefits of:

1. Knowing when a water change is necessary
2. How little or large the water change needs to be
3. Understanding whether your system requires dosing, and in what measurements
4. Being aware of all your systems elements and what may be lacking
5. Discovering whether anything may be dead within your rock work and releasing ammonia

The monthly subscription is what keeps your account running and us testing samples for you, the payment is not for the sample bottles directly. These supplies are just sent out to you every time you run out and are limited to 4 samples (1 supply pack) per month.
To cancel your subscription you can simply email us on Info.WaterChemistry@gmail.com and let us know that you want to cancel. We will then email you back a cancellation form and get your subscription cancelled right away, as long as it is in accordance to all of our terms.


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