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Clownfish Water Test Package

£19.99 / month

The Clownfish Package focuses on those elements that are most important in fish keeping. The 4 parameters this package includes are vital when first starting up an aquarium as they will indicate the overall water quality, and will be able to give you the heads up when a water change is needed before your water becomes detrimental to your livestock.

The 4 Parameters included in this package are:

Nitrate – Chemically, it’s described as N03. Easiest to think of as the 3rd stage of waste breakdown. Again, there are bacteria that process (consume) nitrites. During this process, those bacteria give off/create nitrates. Nitrates at high levels, CAN be toxic to the majority of marine life, however, since it’s not nearly as toxic as ammonia or nitrites, nitrates can be present at lower levels, and still support most marine critters. Ideally though, the lower the nitrate levels, the less stressful the environment is for the majority of the critters we want to keep.
Phosphate – Phosphates are another tricky subject. Again, trying to keep it simple for the purposes of this paper, phosphates are fuel for algae. High phosphate values will end up meaning large algae growth. High phosphate content also can impede calcification (skeleton building). Phosphates do not really affect fish and inverts, and are mainly of concern when having problems controlling algae, or getting good coral growth.
PH – The pH value is a measurement of how acidic or base (opposite of acidic) the solution being tested is. Specifically, this is in comparison to pure water (H20), which is neutral, and has a pH of 7.0 (at ~25? C).
Salinity – Simply put, it’s a test for how much salt is in the water. More scientifically, it’s the concentration of sodium chloride in the water.

Read more about about these parameters on our Understanding Parameters page and find out why they are important, what levels you should aim for and what the levels mean.



The first monthly subscription water analysis service for marine hobbyists

Unlike any other service on the market today, Water Chemistry offers a monthly subscription that allows you to test your water 4 times per month. Each month you will receive 1 care package which will contain supplies for 4 water samples. Our services include three packages: The Clownfish Package for just the most vital elements test results, the Regal package aimed at the reefers and finally the Emperor Package which is the most advance and wide spread package covering 10 parameters.

Water Chemistry Services in 3 Basic Steps:

1. Receive our box of bottle vials and postal components
2. Post back a bottle vial of water
3. Receive an email of the results within 1-2 working days

Our service will allow your aquarium to thrive, with the benefits of:

1. Knowing when a water change is necessary
2. How little or large the water change needs to be
3. Understanding whether your system requires dosing, and in what measurements
4. Being aware of all your systems elements and what may be lacking
5. Discovering whether anything may be dead within your rock work and releasing ammonia

The monthly subscription is what keeps your account running and us testing samples for you, the payment is not for the sample bottles directly. These supplies are just sent out to you every time you run out and are limited to 4 samples (1 supply pack) per month.
To cancel your subscription you can simply email us on Info.WaterChemistry@gmail.com and let us know that you want to cancel. We will then email you back a cancellation form and get your subscription cancelled right away, as long as it is in accordance to all of our terms.

5 reviews for Clownfish Water Test Package

  1. Jack birdman

    Best thing I’ve signed up for!!!!!! For the price, this shits all over triton testing.Will let this subscription run as long as I have my tank

  2. Joseph Moron

    Proper loving this! Send samples each week and tank had cycled in 2 weeks from my ammonia result and got going right away. Loving my tangs already. Still sending samples to make sure my nitrate doesn’t creep up, when it does I do a water change and send sample again.

  3. Daniel Jones

    Wow, what else can I say? I just wish I knew about this service when I initially started my tank, it would have saved me so much time and of course money. So easy, I post back my samples once a week and get my results after a couple of days. Without this, I would be paying hundreds on test kits and probably still reading them wrong, let alone having to take the time out in my day to do so. Clownfish package is enough for me because I have a simple tank, but was thinking of going up to the Emperor package if I set up the reef tank ive been hoping to get my hands on soon. A*

  4. Marlon Richards

    Highly recommended package. All the main parameters, and most important. buzzing that my levels are all in the benchmarks now took me a while to get my nitrate down but finally did it

  5. Darren Kings

    Couldn’t ask for a better service. wud never go back to testing myself. TY

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