How it Works

The Care Package

Once you have subscribed to one of our amazing packages, you will receive our water testing care package within 1-2 working days. This package will contain everything you need to get started with our testing programme and you will receive a care package that contains enough supplies for 4 water samples to be tested.

Our research has discovered that the most beneficial strategy for maintaining a stable aquarium in the long run is testing the water once per week. This also seems to be the pattern that our subscribers follow as over 80% of them send between 3-4 water samples per month.

The Care Package Contains:

4 X 50ml Vial Bottles
4 X Ready-To-Post Mail Bags

Step 1: Fill a vial bottle with your tank water

To fill your vial bottle, you can simply dip it into your aquarium until it is full or you can use a pipette. Once this is done, simply crew the cap onto the vial bottle tightly so it is secure. You can test how secure your lid is by shaking the vial bottle or turning it upside down and squeezing to make sure there are no leaks.

Step 2: Package the vial bottle ready for mailing

Once you have completed the above steps, you are now ready to package the vial bottle ready for mailing. Simply place the vial bottle upside down into the Ready-To-Post mail bags provided. Placing the vial bottle upside down makes the flap of the mail bag easier to stick down, and please make sure this is done firmly and along the entire flap. Each mail bag will already contain your own unique customer ID, so you do not need to worry about labelling or noting your vial bottle.

Step 3: Post the package

You are now finally ready to head down to your nearest mail box or post office and post the package. If using a mail box, make sure you push the package right into the box to make sure it actually gets collected and there are no delays upon us receiving your sample.

Step 4: Receive your results

Within 1-2 working days you will receive an email from our team. This email will have an excel table attached with all the different parameters, their expected ranges and your results. You will also find a tab for each parameter tested, and this tab will have a historical graph that will readily connote just how well you are getting on with keeping your parameters in check. From here you can make the necessary changes to your aquarium to make sure you are housing a healthy environment for your fish and corals. Additionally, you can check out our Understanding Parameters page and get a full brief on all of the parameters and how you can get your value back into the acceptable benchmark.


The monthly subscription is what keeps your account running and us testing samples for you, the payment is not for the sample bottles directly. These supplies are just sent out to you every time you run out and are limited to 4 samples (1 supply pack) per month.
To cancel your subscription you can simply email us on and let us know that you want to cancel. We will then email you back a cancellation form and get your subscription cancelled right away, as long as it is in accordance to all of our terms.