About Us

Water Chemistry

Over the last 5 years our testing facility, Water Chemistry, has become a leader in the Aquatics industry developing and perfecting water test solutions for hobbyists aquariums. We have also recently branched out in the marine industry and are soon to be releasing products in categories such as treatments, test kits and probes.

At Water Chemistry, we have spent a significant amount of money and time into pioneering our own calorimetry and titration water quality tests that are not only accurate, but also efficient under low level detection.

We will continuously strive to seek new, beneficial and innovative methods of testing for our customers, to not only provide an invaluable service but also make fish keeping a more satisfying experience for everyone.

Water Chemistry is the easy, effective and quick method of maintaining your aquariums parameters. We offer a simple subscription service that provides a revolutionary solution to a potentially complicated and time consuming procedure.